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Polished Pearls Mentoring Program

Every new member of Sigma Omicron Zeta chapter is assigned a mentor to help her with transition into the Chapter. This program is especially helpful for new members of the Sorority as it enables continuous learning beyond the membership intake process. For members who reclaim, this program helps to re-educate them on what has changed since their time away and help them better integrate into active Zeta life. Our transfers are also assigned a mentor for at least the first 3 months to aid in acclimation to a new chapter home.


The March Pearl of the Month is the newly minted Southeastern Regional Representative to the International Membership Committee.  

In this role she has been instrumental in informing the SOZ Leadership of membership trends on the horizon and changes that are being considered by the International First Anti-Basileus Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.  

Locally, she has been instrumental in managing the Youth Auxiliary DoubleGood popcorn fundraiser. This Soror ensured that the chapter and the parents are aware as each wave began and ended; thus, producing sensational fundraising highs! 

Due to her diligence, the Youth Auxiliary has successfully raised $7,826 which exceeded the estimated target by 522%!! 👏🏾💰

Sorors, please congratulate the March Pearl of the Month, Soror Tonya Mompoint! 

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