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Polished Pearls Mentoring Program

Every new member of Sigma Omicron Zeta chapter is assigned a mentor to help her with transition into the Chapter. This program is especially helpful for new members of the Sorority as it enables continuous learning beyond the membership intake process. For members who reclaim, this program helps to re-educate them on what has changed since their time away and help them better integrate into active Zeta life. Our transfers are also assigned a mentor for at least the first 3 months to aid in acclimation to a new chapter home.


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Our Pearl of the Month is Soror Lisa Vialva. This Soror is being recognized for her exemplary contributions to Sigma Omicron Zeta's recent Period Pack collection efforts. Not only did she personally collect and assemble 75 packs of 30 feminine product items (totaling 2250) but she also included a handwritten note of encouragement within each pack!

This is the type of impact that SOZ continues to be known for in the Gwinnett County community and this Soror understood the assignment all while attending graduate school, working full time and completing her clinicals out of state!

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